More Jobs, Lower Taxes, Common Sense Solutions 

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Dean has a proven record of standing up for the taxpayer.  As Hudson’s mayor, Dean found innovative and creative means to lower taxes and control spending.  As a small business owner, Dean knows how to balance a budget and create jobs.  When Wisconsin faced a huge $3.6 Billion budget deficit, Dean went to Madison to make our state government more efficient and responsive.   The results have been remarkable.

For the first time in decades the state budget is truly balanced.  The deficit was eliminated WITHOUT raising taxes.  Property taxes in the Wisconsin were capped.  Local governments were empowered to save over $1 Billion by common sense reforms.

In 2012 we need to send Dean back to Madison for a second term.  Wisconsin has made tremendous progress toward fiscal stability, but there is work left to be done.  Take a look around our website to learn more about Dean.