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Jun 09

In Defense of Revenue Limit Law

One of my favorite reforms from the Tommy Thompson era is the revenue limit law for school districts.  This 1993 law is a testament to faith in the wisdom of local voters.  The law ended sharp property tax increases by requiring voter approval for a local district to raise revenue beyond a limit based on …

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Jan 12

10 truths for conservatives at budget time (and why Walker is right to oppose gas tax hike)

Governor Walker has consistently opposed any increase in Wisconsin’s gas tax unless balanced by tax cuts elsewhere in the budget.  Walker believes funding for roads is a priority but the money should come from existing revenue.  He is right on both counts. These 10 truths about government and budgeting help explain why.  Conservatives should remember these …

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Jan 11

One year ago

It has been a year since I announced my decision to not seek re-election to the Wisconsin state assembly.  Rep. Shannon Zimmerman has taken office and I’m confident that he will represent our district well.  I intend to post here with occasional opinions or insight into political affairs.